Sunday 20 September 2015

I wish... I finished planning my road trip (part 2)

Crikey, nine road trips. Where do I start?

I looked at the hand-scribbled list of forty-five place names. There was definitely a trip to Wales in there, and a huge tour of the North of England. I couldn't believe I needed to go back to Scotland again; I could have sworn I'd ticked off everything north of the border.

Choose a small trip to start with, I told myself. A small trip won't need as much notice as a big one, not if I want other people to come with me anyway.

My road trip crew consists of ten amazing friends (well, nine since the ex skedaddled): Steven, Vicky, Lucy H, Anthony, Lucy M, Andy, Stephen, Bronwyn and Livia. If I could convince one of them to come with me on the next road trip, that would be great. Because they know what's involved; mainly telling me which country lane to drive along and then standing in the rain, knee-deep in stinging nettles, to photograph me hugging a signpost. 

What's not appealing about that?

Andy and Stephen enjoying an evening's entertainment in Cardigan.

I sent a Facebook message to Andy and Stephen. They live in the Philippines at the moment, but I knew they'd be visiting the UK in November. If I was quick, they might sign up for another road trip.

A few days later, Andy replied: 'Sadly... we don't have time for a road trip. However if you wanted to tick Ham and Sandwich off your list we can try to arrange a date for you to come to Deal if you don't mind an overnight at my parents' house?'

Ham? Sandwich? Parents' house? Deal!

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